Artist Residencies and After School Enrichment

Artist Residencies and After School Enrichment

Let Seattle Children’s Theatre support your curriculum by designing a series of classes to fit your needs. We can explore areas of theatre and other disciplines by using drama and kinesthetic learning techniques. Residencies range from multiple weeks, months, or to an entire school year. Classes can take place during the school day to fulfill Common Core Standards and EALRs, or as an after-school or community-based drama enrichment program.


Special Interests | Grades Kinder and up

Collaborate with one of SCT’s professional Teaching Artists to design a custom interdisciplinary lesson plan for your upcoming unit in History, English Language Arts, STEM content, Theatre specialty skill, or a special interest topic. Using kinesthetic and drama exercises, this enhanced learning experience provides new ways for students to connect with core curriculum, while engaging their imaginations.

Sensory Drama | All Grades

Encourage your students of all abilities, particularly those with sensory processing challenges and/or sensory-seeking behaviors, to engage their minds, bodies, and imaginations in a dramatic exploration of the world around them! This experience is specifically geared towards classrooms of students with physical and developmental differences. Our teaching artist will work with the classroom educator to develop a multi-sensory curriculum that embraces the learning objectives students are exploring together.

Story Drama | Pre-K - Grade 2

Take your students inside a storybook! Each class, students and our Teaching Artist will read a different book and explore elements of the story through acting, art, and interactive props. Students will discover the narrative process, work together as an ensemble, embody characters using voice, body, and imaginations, use creative problem solving skills, and engage in imaginative play while enjoying the best in children's literature. With over 180 titles in our library, every class is a new journey into the great beyond!

Drama Quest | Grades 1 - 3

Calling all adventurers! Dive into a world we create together and act out a story that builds from session to session. With an SCT Teaching Artist as the guide, students will engage in the narrative process, work together as an ensemble, use their creative problem solving skills, create characters, and develop every aspect of a completely original story while flexing their imaginative play muscles.

Ensemble Building | Grades 1 and up

Drama is a gateway to a stronger community. Turn your classroom into an ensemble through a myriad of drama exercises that actors use to become a collaborative team. Each activity will focus on important 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, social/emotional learning, empathy, creative problem solving, positive communication, collaboration, and imaginative play.

Intro to Acting | Grades 3 and up

Discover how the professionals train for their roles on stage. Learn how to coordinate your voice, body, and mind while you engage in the basics of acting theory: actions, objectives, and obstacles. This class is the foundation of any acting training program, from movement and voice work to character development and scene creation.

Acting II | Grades 5 and up

Bring a script to life! Expand student’s existing knowledge of the basic acting terms and concepts while explore scenes from great plays. Taking clues from the given circumstances found on the page, actors will embody dynamic characters, create strong relationships, and make choices that transform the words and stage directions into living, breathing scenes.

Intro to Musical Theatre | Grades 3 and up

Get on your feet! Each week your class learns how performers use their bodies to tell stories through this fun physical education residency. Students develop musical theatre skills like dancing, following a melody, and acting while learning numbers from popular Broadway shows. Be sure to have a large space, like a gymnasium, available so students can safely dance in the space.

Theatre Education | Grades 10 and up

Challenge your students to become the next generation of theatre educators by learning how to develop and instruct their own Story Drama lesson plan for kindergartens. Mentored by one of our Story Drama experts, high school students will focus on a popular children’s book, while learning the ins and outs of classroom management, inspiring imaginative play, and creating kinesthetic learning opportunities for their lesson. This residency will culminate in groups instructing their lesson in a kindergarten classroom and reflective evaluation with our mentoring Teaching Artist.


In-school programs are $100 per hour for up to 30 participants and requires the hosting classroom educator present. The minimum amount of instruction for a residency or afterschool enrichment program is 5 hours.  After-school enrichment programs are $100 per instructional hour for up to 15 participants. Please keep in mind SCT does not register students for after-school enrichment programs. Travel fees may be added to locations outside of the Seattle city limits. Financial aid is available. For an application please email

"The quality of the staff and content of the residency are very impressive. Drama class is the highlight of the week for ALL of my students. Every student participates and every student grows from these wonderfully rich sessions. SCT has crafted an ingenious curriculum that builds on students’ drama skills week by week.”   5th grade Teacher, Seattle

“I really enjoyed seeing some of my shy or stand-and-watch kids get really into improvisation and shine.  I was shocked by how much they got into it and got creative.  It was also great for some of my other kids who are often in the limelight when it comes to academics, struggle a little.  The struggle is good.  It is growth.  The drama [lessons] brought out creativity that we don’t always get to see during paper and pencil work.” -2nd grade Educator

“I really enjoyed the time we spent on creating the parts of a story using tableau, beginning, middle, and end…. the students seemed to get it and it really helped me deepen the connection to our daily Writer’s Workshop time.” – 2nd Grade Educator

“[This residency] allowed my students to get up out of their seats and communicate with each other! I have a lot of students who are English Language Learners, so having the opportunity to practice communicating and performing using English was very helpful for everyone.” -3rd Grade Dual Language Educator

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