What Teachers are saying about BTiC

“It was very well designed to make good use of our time, give us choice about what we wanted to do, and it provided tools and ideas that are useful to me to apply right away. I love that there is follow up. I love that it was designed for everyone to feel successful and comfortable, yet challenged” – 2017 Participant

“I teared up a bit on Friday when this class ended. I loved being involved in this...I loved connecting with teachers and pushing myself to take some risks. I'm reserved and quiet, and I won't pretend that I acted otherwise. But with my kids, I'll be able to bring a ton to them because it's all been heavily internalized. Thank you all!” – 2017 participant

“[The best thing was] The workshops themselves and the active participation within them were extremely fun and memorable. The instructors were amazing as was the organization and front loading”  – 2017 participant

“The Follow-Up has been perfect. I've worked with Annie before and I love her style. She is patient, flexible, knowledgeable, and fun, keeping students engaged the entire session. This is my second year having a follow up with Annie and I've gained a lot of insight into how to incorporate theatre into the classroom. Frozen statues and building tableaux (adding voices, using whole body and gestures instead of just facial expressions), theatre games for brain breaks (baker ninjas, photographing/freeze frame, Bippity Bippity Bop, etc.), CROW and related worksheets, and dramatic storytelling are some of the things I've learned with Annie. I'm eager to try punctuation walks next. I appreciate that she supports teachers by outlining lessons (making it easy to reproduce) and helps us with great ideas on how to make stories more engaging for students. With Annie, I've seen kids write that usually have trouble, sit down for longer periods of time, and participate when they don't usually raise their hand in class. My students love Book It and they're really excited to see her when she joins us for performances” – 2017 participant

“Every instructor gave 100% honesty, kindness, focus, instruction, professionalism, fun, love, passion. They were here to TEACH. They enjoyed it. They OWNED it” – 2016 participant

“This was my first BTiC workshop and it was AMAZING – so many possibilities!” – 2016 participant

“The staff was amazing. They all demonstrated such a strong knowledge of effective teaching. The different class options, the pacing and teaching was just spot on. The humor thrown in was an added bonus! It was just all around fun” – 2015 participant

“[The best thing was] meeting other teachers. Enjoyed getting to be a student and doing all activities to help me learn how to teach my students”  – 2015 participant

“[The best thing was] getting specific ideas of how to integrate drama and dance into my classroom work without taking time away from academics”  – 2015 participant

 “The TAs have had such a wide variety of experience with different ages in different classrooms so their knowledge and flexibility is amazing for us”  – 2015 participant

“Here, I can take risks. I have done things here, try new things that I would never do at another training and I am never disappointed. I am always glad I did that. This class opens the door to something unexpected. I have been here 5 years and I think it’s something I have done but it always new, it’s always different. I have taken several classes before and it’s always totally different. I took Shakespeare on your Feet last year and there was a whole new dynamic that I got out of it. I am a better and joyous teacher because of these classes. I enjoy it more”  – 2015 participant

“It is unique that BTiC brings together all grade levels and content areas. To be able to hear what is happening on all different levels, it so interesting” – 2015 participant

“This is a permanent game changer for my entire curriculum, which I build myself. Being able to incorporate all these elements into what I am creating and my classroom has been unbelievably helpful” – 2015 participant

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