2017-2018 Season


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Go, Dog. Go!
September 28 - November 26, 2017

The madcap party never stops with these zany canines. High-spirited singing, zooming cars, construction zone chaos, and up-all-night antics will have the whole family in stitches.

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Mr. Popper's Penguins
November 9 - December 31, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Popper are an ordinary couple in an ordinary English town…until some extraordinary Antarctic penguins come to stay!

 Thumbnail  Little Prince  Mrkt  

The Little Prince
January 18 - March 4, 2018
In the middle of the Sahara Desert, a stranded aviator meets the Little Prince, a young boy from a small, faraway asteroid, and a dreamlike journey unfolds across a universe.

Thumbnail  Ben Uchida  Mrkt  

The Journal of Ben Uchida: Citizen 13559
February 8 - March 4, 2018
When the U.S. government forces Japanese-American citizens into incarceration camps, Ben and his family must face difficult truths about the idea of home.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience
March 22–May 13, 2018
Grab your friends and watch as Wilbur, a clothes-loving mole rat with exceptional style, navigates the pressure to be just like everyone else. With tail-shaking tunes, empowering messages of individuality, and classic Mo Willems humor, this musical is sure to rock audiences of all ages.

The Lamp is the Moon

The Lamp is the Moon
April 11–May 20, 2018
Launch into a voyage fit for mission control as Shawn and her lamp, with the guidance of the audience, escape another naptime and blast into space.

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